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Hey –

Im Santa113 and im the new author of this site also i have a party!

date tomarow wedsday july 1

Time 2:00 cp time

server parka



check out this new doodle of my friend Blackpappy

blackpappy doodle


hey guys Mokey here and i will be having a party today so heres what you need to know


Time:3:00 Pst

Igloo: Mokey12 83

Why: I Felt Like it :b

How to dress: dress like an explorer

Thanks Hope To see you there and just becuase i changed my igloo doesnt mean the ceremony isnt going to happen its not going to be for awhile

  thanks~Mokey12 83~

Oh My…..

hello everybody!!!! Im sad because Michael Jackson is dead!!!!




Hey, Dyl98dyl here. I made a new CPMV Pleaze Rate Comment And Subscribe. Enjoy. The song is Alex on the spot by: Hans Zimmer


Go rock on molly 🙂 congratz on becoming an author im so jelous of you you still have to add me lol anyways just wanted to say congratz


~mokey~AKA smoke

Membership Expires Tomorrow!

hi guys rocker here i just want to say that tomorrow June 25 my membership will expire but my mom said that she will buy me a new one and  i just wanted to tell u this becuz im bored and it is true and i thought u might want to know.ok well later bye guys