Molly Brown1

Penguin Name: Molly Brown1

Gender: Girl

Penguins I Know In Real Life: Blackpappy, Happyrob5, Alyrub, Stuperdaz, Stuper Jr, Stuperdaz Jr

Favorite Games (on club penguin): Cart Surfer and Catchin’ Waves

Favorite Spot: Baseball, Football, Soccer

Hobbies: Swimming, Drawing, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Skateboarding, Club Penguin, being on

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Animal: Cheetha

Favorite Season: Summer because i love to swim.

Favorite Song: This Animal I Have Become. By: three day grace

How Many websites I have: 4

Admin on,, and

Author on, and



Penguin Name:Rocker66843
Penguins i know in real life:Dama6, Cabo7714, Jonasgirl727, Rockiblack13, Snow Joe 1
Favorite Sport:Soccer,Baseball,Football
Favorite Hobbies:Wrestle with my dog,play cp ,be on,and play outside
Favorite Animal:Chettah
Favorite Game(on cp):dance contest and catchin’ waves
Favorite Food:Cordon Bleu
Favorite Season:Winter because i like coldness
Favorite Color:Blue
How many blogs i have:6
Main Author on
Picture 6


Gender: Male

Penguin Name: Pat97pat

Join date of Club Penguin: December 21, 2007

Penguins I know in real life: Ninja 11111, Dyl98dyl (My brother)

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, making videos, playing club penguin, playing with my dogs

Favorite Food: Pizza, Spaghetti, Tacos

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Animal: Dog (I have 2 Pomeranians, SO FLUFFY!)

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Football


Youtube Channel:

Other messages from Pat97pat…

Fighting is never the right path, so starting one just leads you in the wrong direction….



Gender: Male

Clubpenguin name: Carsc

Penguin’s I know in real life: Katcatty

Hobbies: Playing Cp and going on bike rides 😛

Favorite food: Pizza, ice cream and salad 😛

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite sport: Soccer 😀

Youtube Channel:

My Blog:

Awarp site picsmile_roll 12-50-24


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